Friday, 30 May 2008

Long overdue update...

It has been aaaaages since I even looked at this, due to stupid university commitments, etc. Consequently, I haven't done much knitting really, so there's not much to report here! But never mind, I will anyway.

First off, I made this hat, originally for myself but it has been adopted by my brother, Matt. It looks much better on him, but I am modelling it above anyway. The pattern came from the Rowan 'Big Easy' pattern book, and uses two different colours of Big Wool.

Yesterday I finished knitting a basic shawl, made out of bring fuschia Rowan Kidsilk Haze (officially the best wool in the world). I haven't got pictures yet, as it needs blocking and I don't want to show it until it is at its best! I am currently working on the Banshee vest top (again, by Rowan, and using Kidsilk) which is going to take a million years due to the tiny nature of both yarn and needles. Eek! It will be awesome though, I'm excited.

It should be explained that the immense amount of Rowan yarn that I own is due to the wonderful John Lewis sale that was on because of the movement of the Liverpool store. It was awesome, as cheap yarn always is. It is also the reason why I have no money now...but whatever, I've got a mega stash, so who cares. Incidentally, I visited the new Liverpool John Lewis yesterday. The haberdashery department is cool still <3>
I am excited today cuz I tried intarsia for the first time, and succeeded! Don't know if there's any point in posting a picture, as the test square is only tiny (a green heart on a purple background), but I might anyway. Yay!